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Lawrenceville, GA real estate

Situated among the beautiful fields and forests of Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville GA is a small city full of pleasant people and fun times. Lawrenceville offers superb real estate and MLS listings, as well as outstanding businesses and a booming economy. Lawrenceville shares a rich history, as it was founded in 1821 in the middle of December, making it the second-oldest city in Georgia. The city got its name from James Lawrence, a commander who originally hailed from New Jersey and served as a leader during the war of 1812.

Many famous people have lived in Lawrenceville, GA and owned real estate in this beautiful place. The famous southern writer Charles Henry Smith was born in the city, and the much-loved old-time movie actor Oliver Hardy lived in the city as well. Ezzard Charles, a renowned boxer who was once the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, was also born in Lawrenceville, though he relocated to Cincinnati when he was young. Today, Lawrenceville attracts people from all walks of life, seeking a beautiful southern city in which to live and raise a family.

This rich history and wealth of famous residents is just one of the many things that add to Lawrenceville's overall charm. Another alluring quality of Lawrenceville is the city's scenic beauty. Because Lawrenceville is located in the heart of Northern Georgia, it is packed with exquisite green grass and tall, towering trees. The climate of the area also makes it rather desirable, as it is normally rather warm and bright, with mild winters.

Lawrenceville is by far an idyllic place in which to live and invest in if you wish to experience the true comfort of southern living. Here you’ll also find many excellent private and public schools in the city. For more information about real estate for sale and MLS listings in Lawrenceville, GA, call resident real estate expert Terri Hayes toll free at (800) 699-1558.


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