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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale!!!
Marketing Your Home is a Team Effort! The Following Checklist Will Help Us Set the Stage For a Quicker Sale at the Highest Price.

The House (Exterior):

  • Your front door gives a vital first impression while a realtor and prospect wait for the door to be opened. A little linseed oil will freshen up stained wood. If painted, wash with soap and water. If the paint or varnish is chipped or peeling, a fresh coat may be in order.
  • Clean gutters, if needed.
  • Repair any torn screens or replace missing ones.
  • Hose off or pressure wash exterior wood and trim.
  • Repaint gutters or exterior wood and trim if there is obvious cracking, peeling or chipping.
  • If you have an outside patio or deck, make sure any outdoor furniture, grills or exposed wood are in good repair and neat and clean. "X-14" spray or chlorine bleach solution will help remove mildew.

The Yard and Grounds:

  • Keep the lawn cut and trimmed. Trim and shape the shrubs, if necessary.
  • Keep the area around garbage cans neat and free of trash.
  • Stack wood piles neatly.
  • Keep sidewalk and driveway swept and free from pine straw, limbs, etc. Consider pressure washing, if needed.
  • Put a fresh layer of pine straw on all landscaped beds.
  • Keep surface water drainage areas and natural streams/creeks free from debris to avoid water standing or stagnating.

The House (Interior):

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and woodwork are important. Keep these areas clean and in good condition.
  • Keep oven, stove and surface units and all porcelain and stainless steel clean. Kitchen countertops should be clean and kitchen accessories in order. Remove any unnecessary clutter from countertops.
  • Clean floors are a must! Mop or sweep hardwood, vinyl and tile floors. Consider a professional carpet cleaning. Keep carpets thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Bathrooms are difficult to keep clean and should be straightened and wiped down daily. Cracked or broken grout in bathrooms are an eyesore. It is best to re-caulk these areas with ceramic caulking compound found in any grocery or hardware store.
  • Replace old furnace filters. Remove and clean any dust or soot accumulation from registers or vent covers. Replace any registers/vent covers that are rusty.
  • If doors stick or folding doors are off track, repair them.
  • Storage is important to prospective buyers. Cluttered closets and other storage areas may accentuate a storage problem, especially in homes without basements. Clean out the closets. You may find a lot of what you have is no longer needed and can be disposed of, or you may consider renting a small storage locker, allowing you to create an uncluttered appearance within your home which is extremely important.
  • People like to visit a bright, cheery home. Set your ceiling fans on "low speed" too! If they make a noise when running, have them repaired. Keep curtains, drapes and blinds open and keep your lamps and lights on for all showings even on a sunny day! This also helps create a feeling of more spaciousness. So, let the sunshine in!
  • If repainting on the inside is necessary, use neutral colors. Duron "Sienna Sand" or Duron "Frontier Tan", for example, are nice choice paint colors.
  • Gleaming, clean windows make a significant difference in how your home looks and feels. Consider a professional window cleaner to do a thorough job inside and out.
  • Buyers always look at the fireplace(s). Keep the fireplaces free of ashes, waste paper or trash.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs throughout the house, including the basement.
  • Tighten loose door knobs, window fittings and all other hardware throughout.
  • Problems with cracks in walls or concrete, broken appliances, roof leaks, wet basement, etc. are going to be noticed by the buyer or his/her home inspector. Take care of these problems in advance.
  • Before each showing, make sure all steps are clear, beds are made, and pets are locked up or out of the way. Turn off all TV's and if possible, play some soft music in the background.
  • It's best to leave the home during showings. If you are present, try to stay out of the way and let the agent do the selling. And never apologize for the appearance of the home. It only brings attention to the appearance of your home even more.
  • Never discuss the selling of furniture or other personal items with a prospective buyer before the house is sold. (It could interfere with the negotiation of your home sale and/or home inspection)

We know you are proud of your home and we respect that pride. But homeowners tend to overlook many of the items above. Remember, when a prospective buyer looks at your home, these are the very things that influence them to either buy or not buy. There is a wise, old saying: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression".

We welcome the opportunity to list your home with Executive Home Sales.

Terri Hayes
Managing Broker/Agent

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